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If you are venturing into any area where bears are known to be, then you will need to ensure that you carry the right things to protect you. Bear pepper spray is very important and could in fact save your life. Although bears will not intentionally come looking for you if you happen to be hiking or camping in an area where they are, they could stumble across you.

They are very anxious to find food and often it is the smell of your cooking food that will attract them rather than you. Ideally you do not want to use the bear spray, but if you do have to, then you will need to understand what it is and how to use it.

Although you may think that pepper spray for humans and bear spray are very similar they are in fact very different. If you are approached by a bear then you should allow it to leave on its own, but if it continues to approach you, then using the bear pepper spray is advised. This type of spray is very effective as it will affect the highly sensitive nose and eye area of the bear. It will be distracted and hopefully retreat back into the woods.

You should try to cause a wall of spray between you and the bear and as it approaches it will be repelled by the smell.You do need to keep in mind that bear pepper spray can be affected by the wind and weather conditions, and if there is a strong wind, then the smell may drift.

You should spray the area and see if it is effective but if the bear begins to continue to approach, then spray again and aim at the bear. As a last resort you should spray the bear in the eyes which will distract it enough for you to escape. You should run and get to a safe point as soon as possible.

If you have used the bear repellent spray then you will need to discard the remaining amount and get a new one as what is left will not be as effective.
You should ensure that you buy your bear spray from a reputable sports equipment place to ensure that it is bear pepper spray and nothing else.

There are strict guidelines as to the ingredients of the sprays allowed to be used on bears. Although the bear repellent spray is effective, ideally you do not want to encounter a bear at all. If you are sensible while in the woods, then hopefully your paths will not cross and you will both be able to enjoy your time in the woods.

There are certain times of year when the bears are more grumpy than usual, and if they have had a tough winter, they may come down into town looking for food. If you do encounter a bear in any circumstances then you need to be sensible and try to give the bear a chance to move away. Although you may think they are large slow animals you will be surprised how quickly they can move and attack.
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Bear Pepper Spray

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This article was published on 2010/12/09