The Pink Teddy Bear And Novelty Bears

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The pink teddy bear is considered a novelty bear simply because of its unusual coloring. And, contrary to popular belief, pink teddy bears are not reserved strictly for the birth of a baby, a christening, or a baby shower; this delightful teddy can be given and purchased for any and all occasions.

In 1965 the Merrythought Co. produced a wonderful novelty bear family called the Twisty Bear Family. Mr. And Mrs. Twisty Bear and their two children had fabric bodies. The father and son wore red overalls, while mom and daughter wore red skirts and white aprons. All the bears had large feet and an internal wire frame which allowed them to stand. With the internal wire, the bears could also be twisted and would hold a position until moved again.

From the 1920s on, novelty musical bears with clockwork or pressure-activated mechanisms were popular. Teddy manufacturers around the world had the tendency to buy their mechanisms from Swiss producers rather than making the attempt to produce them themselves. In 1928, Steiff introduced novelty musical teddies with Musik Teddy and Musik Petsy. Clothing on the bear (such as a skirt) would hide a cylinder which contained the musical movement. When the bear was pressed down, the melody would play.

Schreyer and Co., under the brand name Schuco, were one of the finest producers of novelty teddies. They introduced a wide range of automotive, miniature, and other unusual bears to the market, using many of the ingenious techniques it had developed when it produced toy cars. There was a uniformed soldier bear produced in the 1920s which was a clockwork Br 155 Automatic, that would march up and down when it was wound up.

In the scheme of things, the pink teddy bear is not so unusual given the different types of novelty bears that have been produced over the years. While it's still most often given to mark an occasion associated with a little girl, the pink teddy bear, like all novelty bears, doesn't have to have such a specific label associated with it.
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The Pink Teddy Bear And Novelty Bears

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This article was published on 2010/11/30