Why You Should Buy Into Big Bear Homes

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If you asked ten Big Bear home owners why they chose to buy up here, odds are you would get ten different answers. A great many buyers have great memories of coming up here as kids with their families and want to provide similar experiences for their own children.

Some people are outdoorsmen who love skiing in the winter and mountain bike riding and water skiing in the summer. Some people just want a place to escape the hustle bustle of city life for a just a little while. Whatever you are looking for, Big Bear has it.

Our city boasts not one, but two of the best ski resorts in Southern California. Both Snow Summit and Bear Mountain are centrally located in the valley, so no matter what area of Big Bear you live in, the slopes are just a short jaunt away. If you live in Southern California and want a real " White Christmas ", Big Bear is the only place to be.

Even if we are having a light snow year, our local resorts boast some of the best snow making capabilities in the world. I get asked quite often about the roads and how good the snow removal operations are up here. In short, the snow removal is fantastic. The plows start working in the very early hours of the morning and most main roads are cleared before you even wake up.

The summer is just as vibrant as the winter. Big Bear not only has a large public lake, we also have numerous hiking trails, biking trails, and areas for off road vehicles in plenty. While Lake Arrowhead is private and available for use only by select residents, Big Bear is open for everybody.

We have two public launch ramps on the North Shore where you can launch your boat free of charge and enjoy free parking while you spend your day on the lake. Fisherman? Big Bear Lake is an excellent spot to catch fish. The lake is stocked on a regular basis and is full of nice, plump fish.

This town is a true mountain paradise. I could go on all day about all the things I love about the lifestyle, people and culture up here. It is just a heart-warming place to call home.

Please visit any time you have the chance and you will see just what I mean. You might love it so much that you want to live up here for good. Big Bear Lake is always happy to welcome a new neighbor.

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Why You Should Buy Into Big Bear Homes

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This article was published on 2010/03/29